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About Shiva Power Solutions

Shiva Power Solutions

Our Team

Our team is led by technocrats who have an excellent understanding of the power industry. Our team makes sure that our products and services are in line with contemporary customer needs. We deliver solutions which helps the business to manage the cost, improve the process and optimize the overall business growth, thereby delivering value to the organization.

Our Vision

Our vision based on the “ 3Q SPS policy”

Quality  of  Solutions “S”

Quality  of Products   “P”

Quality  of  Support   “S”

Our Moto

To ensure and provide customers the confidence………. Their Home appliances, Machineries &equipments and data will not be disrupted due to power problems.

   In recent times looking at the market & consumer trend, SPS has launched many new products for other verticals also apart from its manufaturing Stabilser , Servo, CVT & Solar product range, products like LED TV,LED bulb& tourch, Led Lanthern,LED panels ,AC- DC Fan, and CRT TV in the name of the brand X--POWER  for Odisha market.  In an endeavour to give our esteemed customers a top of the line experience, X-power  brand offer products that Characterize, among other things, the following factors: Excellent Quality & Value for money.